Dusseldorf branch : Tokyo Ramen Takeichi

Immermannstrasse 18, 40210 Dusseldorf , Germany

Press left MAP sign to get route indication to Tokyo Ramen Takeichi Dusseldorf

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The Duesseldorf branch is located in the heart of the Immermannstrasse in Dusseldorf. This street is famous for its many trendy Japanese shops and restaurants. The locals refer to the area as "little Tokyo".
Since Dusseldorf is home to the largest Japanese expat community in Europe, our Takeichi ramen are very popular with our Japanese customers as the taste is 100% authentically Japanese. 
Tokyo Ramen Takeichi Dusseldorf has also become an absolute favorit place to be for the local German community. We offer not only an  extensive menu of diverse ramen dishes but also a very nice mix of absolute Japanese all time favorit dishes. 

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