Tokyo Ramen Japan Head Office

Tokyo Ramen Takeichi originated in 2012 in Japan Shimbashi.
From the initial restaurant in Shimbashi, Tokyo Ramen Takeichi grew into a chain with multiple restaurants in Japan, Asia and Europe.
Tokyo Ramen Takeichi has from the start focussed on bringing healthy chicken based ramen to the customers in the diverse locations.  Our goal is to spread authentic Japanese ramen outside Japan whilst taking care of needs and wishes of local customers.
Of course we have since developed a very extensive menu that combines the original Ramen experience with the Japanese Izakaya culture ("Izakaya = dine - in sake shop (a restaurants where customers can enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes with a variety of Japanese spirits & drinks))

Please click on the link to visit our Japan Head Office webpage and learn more about Tokyo Ramen Takeichi and its history.


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