Check out the menu of Tokyo Ramen Takeichi restaurants in The Netherlands.
Based on the restaurant location there are some slight menu variations.

Tokyo Ramen Central, Amsterdam :

 Menu Vijzelstraat

Tokyo Ramen Vondel, Amsterdam

Menu Amstelveenseweg 

Tokyo Ramen Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Menu Kerkstraat 

Tokyo Ramen Stadsplein, Amstelveen :

 Menu Amstelveen Stadsplein

 Menu Karatake (all location in The Netherlands) :

  Menu Karatake

What is ramen?

The original ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that is served in a broth that can be made out various ingredients such as pork, chicken, fish, vegetables. Noodles are served in the broth based soup, served in a delicate Japanese bowl and carefully decorated with a variety of delicious toppings.
The toppings used, have Japanese regional and seasonal variations. In tradition with the Japanese Zen thinking, the presentation of the ramen dish is done in a way that balances the appearance with nutritional value & taste.[

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Tokyo Ramen Takeichi

Ramen is made of chicken. Our secret recipe using long time simmering and stewing of chicken, creates a creamy white soup that is very low in fat and contains healthy ingredients in terms of vitamins, minerals and collagen necessary for the human body. Especially collagen is well known to be vital for the human skin replacing dead skin cells & maintaining elasticity of tendons.

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